Behind The Eyes

You are my hiding place;
 You shall preserve me from trouble; 
     You shall surround me with songs of deliverance

                                                        Psalm 32:7



Blessed Assurance

As deep calls to deep so my soul longs for You.
In the darkness of the night, my heart aches for Your touch, for Your warm embrace.
Longs for You to say it's ok, I’ll be your Strength, your Strong Tower, your Rock and your Redeemer,
just rest in Me.

Child, look up, I’m here, I’m always here, what have you to fear?
I'm here in the silence of the midnight hour,
I touch you in the stillness, in the shadows my arms are around you...
I'm your Father and I know when you rise and when you fall...
And I'm there, waiting to pick you up again.

I know each breath you take, for the very beating of your heart belongs to Me.
I walk with you each day, and I hold you in each night
My voice speaks to you on the wind,
I'm the breeze that gently blows the hair on your face,
I'm the smile as the sun pours out My warmth on you.
I refresh you in each raindrop, I reassure you in each rainbow.
I'm the bird that sings, I'm the beauty of the rose.
I'm the wings of the eagle, I'm the lion and I'm the lamb.

I'm in the deepest chambers of your heart,
In the pain you cannot speak, I'm here and I know…
I'm in each teardrop and each smile..
Each unspoken word, each thought I know..
I'm in the peace that you cannot comprehend..
I'm the strength that I promised in weakness,
I'm the joy that you see in the midst of uncertainty.
I'm the water that you thirst after and I'm the bread that you hunger for..


I'm the author and the finisher of your faith. and so much more.
I'm your Father, yet the Lord most High,
I'm your friend, yet I’m your Saviour.
I'm your life source.
I am the One you will never comprehend..
I am the One whose ways are so much higher than yours..
I see the bigger picture when all you see is the snapshot.

I am God Almighty, yet I'm your Abba…
I love you with a love everlasting, never changing, all encompassing.
I am the One who created you I have known you since before time began.
I created your DNA. Every cell, every hair, every drop of blood that flows, I know.
I am the One who made you, and who heals you when you hurt,
I'm in the night when you can't sleep,
I'm your Hiding place.I am your everything, all you will ever need. and more.

I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
Yet I'm your Father and I love you.
So my child, just close your eyes now and rest in Me..

For I am always here..
From before time began and for all eternity.


It'll be worth it all

When this journey's finally over and the victory is won..
And we look upon the Savior's face..
It'll be worth it all..

When we gaze upon His radiance and His glory..
All the pain will be forgotten and our tears will be no more..
It'll be worth it all..

When we bow down and worship..and sing praises to Lamb..
It'll be worth it all..
When He takes us by the hand and leads us home.. ..
When we finally see our Jesus..
It'll be worth it all.

Faded Dreams

In the blink of an eye life changes..
Dreams fade..plans fail..
Tomorrow's never certain anymore..
Knowledge of today is all that's sure..
Where once it seemed I clung to life so tightly ..
Now it's time for simply letting go...
As I watch it slowly slips straight through my fingers..
Like sand in an hourglass..
In a moment gone.
Yet what does it matter..?
For importance is not important anymore..
Importance now's in One who is unchangeable...

One who knows all my todays and my tomorrows.
One who is the anchor to my soul...
One strong and mighty ..sure and steadfast.
One who is The Rock on which I stand upon... Solid Foundation.

So as I cling to Him ...He holds on tight..
No, He won't let me slip straight through His fingers..
For my life is safe in His hands...
And dreams aren't needed anymore....

For now all I hold holding me..
His hope eternal...
Face to face with the One who is my Saviour...
My only desire..

My destiny..eternity.. certainty.




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